Tiberius the zealot


Name Tiberius
lvl 1
race HUMAN
Class Cleric
Height 5, 8
weight 179
Deity Volksgeist

hp 9 (2 class)
str 10
int 10 (
1 class)
dex 10
mov 5
AC 10 (+4) Medium armor

Basic medium armor
basic Tent
Eagle Standard- when within 30×30 range all humans gain (+2) to strength
Forbidden Lance – +2 to combat rolls vs NON humans -2 to combat rolls vs humans

(Conq right) Living legend- (Combat) humans within 10×10 can fight even when bleeding out “upon leaving range characters will pass out and assume the bleed out condition”

Pinnacle of mankind lvl 1- 3 to conversations rolls with humans on rolls of 17 Non humans are intimidated

Crushing charge- Charges forward 30×30 away limit 1d6 dmg


Tiberius the zealot

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